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India’s exponential love for music from around the world played and preached by different communities has sown the seeds that have given birth to the Ngoma Collectiv. Ngoma is a Swahili (African) word that means ‘Drum’ and since the drum is the foundation of dance music, it is the uniting force between all genres of electronic dance music.

Ngoma Collectiv is the country’s first collective of artists, properties and ensembles that aspires to bring global music, influences and musical culture to the center-stage in India. The artistic alliance aims to break the current clutter in a highly varied electronic music scene by collaborating toward a common goal – the chance to give ‘World music’ the recognition and credit it deserves. In addition to World Music, our artists are also heavily influenced by Disco, Funk, and Jazz and as a result, are able to deliver high-quality sets with poise and class! We also represent talents from the west that share the same musical vision as us and want to delve into creating new cultural breakthroughs in performance and production.

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