Hamza Rahimtula
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Hamza Rahimtula

Hamza Rahimtula

Purveying organically-charged deep house textures appears to be a life’s calling for New Delhi-based artist, Hamza Rahimtula. The DJ, producer, and record label head has carved out a fine reputation for purveying club-ready sonics with roots firmly planted in the authentic club sounds of the UK and US.

“One artist who didn’t make any misses even after dropping a staggering amount of new music over the years was New Delhi act Hamza Rahimtula. Hamza’s regular output decorated what proved to be a standout year for classic disco and house in India”

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JFG Festival 2015 - After Party with Hamza (DJ Set)
Hamza + Rajasthan Folkstars @ Jodhpur Flamenco Gypsy Festival 2014
Hamza + Manu Idhra + Rajasthan Folkstars @ Electron Festival 2011
Hamza + Manu Idhra @ European Tour 2011
Back2Basics Showcase Ft Hamza @Lantern Club
Neon Grooves Goa Showreel @ Antares (The Wind Horse Experience)





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