Manu Idhra
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Manu Idhra

Manu Idhra

Manu Idhra has been featured by big names from the World Dance Music scene such as: Sandy Rivera, David Penn ,Carlos Manaça , Paul Jays, Luca Ricci and many others. The first thing that you’ll notice is that, with a simple search, you will access to the full spectrum of Manu Idhra, one of the most successful percussionists in the world on the dance music.

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Hamza + Manu Idhra + Rajasthan Folkstars @ Electron Festival 2011
Hamza + Manu Idhra @ European Tour 2011
Manu Idhra @ Ola Love 2 Dance - May 14th 2005
Neon Grooves Goa Showreel @ Antares (The Wind Horse Experience)